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Clarkefield Primary School is situated in a spacious and attractive rural setting. The dedicated staff provides quality learning programs that are specifically designed to cater for the individual and are committed to continuous improvement.  With the extensive expertise and experience within the teaching staff, emphasis has been placed on the provision of high quality teaching and learning in literacy, numeracy and enquiry based learning. The staff participate regularly in professional learning opportunities to enable all students to learn using modern teaching models and sophisticated digital technologies as an aid to twenty-first century learning.

Term Dates - 2016

Term 1
27 and 28 January (Teachers)
29th January - 24 March
(All Students / All Year Levels)

Term 2
11 April - 24 June

Term 3
11 July - 16 September

Term 4
3 October - 20 December

Upcoming Events

TERM 2, 2016

Wednesday 18th May
Commonwealth Bank Incursion

Thursday 19th May
School Tour, 9.30am

Wednesday 25th May
Open Day

Thursday 26th May
Out of Uniform Day

Friday 27th May                       
School Photographs


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OUR SCHOOL VALUES    Respect,   Co-operation,   Honesty,   Caring,   Responsibility
2016 and 2017 Enrolment

All prospective parents are invited to contact the school to arrange a school tour, meet the teachers and collect an Enrolment pack.The Enrolment form can also be downloaded from this link.  Enrolment Form
School Vision
To develop students to be inquiring, articulate, socially capable and passionate learners. To do this through           
21st Century teaching and learning so that it is relevant, challenging and stimulating.